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Trial Bookings

Trial Bookings

📣Changes to Capalaba Trials
Our new Trial day is now Wednesday, you MUST book a trial via www.ontheclock.com.au (if you don't book, you will be trialled last) It is common courtesy to book so we know to expect you.
We will continue Lure Driver Training Saturday mornings from 7.30am-9.30am, These trials will be driven by our Lure Driver Trainee (Cliff will not be driving)

Thank you
Club Committee

Click Here To Book A Trial

We do not Trial on Public Holidays


Capalaba Wednesday Trials 

Please use "On The Clock" to book your Wednesday Trials - It's the best way to book a Trial at Capalaba as our office phone is often unattended.

Help us by booking your trials online - Click the link to sign up, all you need is an email address. If Trials have to be cancelled due to weather or track issues we can advise via text message.


Capalaba Trial Prices

Member Solo                        $10

Member 2 or More              $15

Non Member Solo                $15

Non Member 2 or More      $20