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Chicka Scott Appreciation

Chicka Scott's Great Granddaughter Piper 2019 

2020 Chicka Scott Appreciation Winner Ando's Reject no.9 from Box 1 for Trainer Greg Stella - Congratulations to all connections 🥳🥰 Greg with Hazel, Donna and Piper 🥰

Chicka Scott Appreciation 2019 Winner Always Albury for Cynthia Suttle 

Chicka Scott's Great Granddaughter Piper with Jaycee's Lady 2018

Chicka Scott 2018 Winner Casanova Joe for Errol Suell

Chicka Scott 2016 Winner Jimmy Brute for Elaine Klassen

Chicka Scott 2015 Winner Rylee's Rookie for Greg Stella

The First Chicka Scott Appreciation 2012 Five Below for Glenn Smith