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Michael Miller Memorial

8/4/80 - 3/10/98

Every year we conduct the Heats of what has become one of the most sort after races on the Capalaba program. Primarily because of the person we remember each year, Michael John Miller. He was an exceptional young man who was going places when he was tragically killed in a car accident.

2018 was the 20th anniversary of that tragic event but for those that knew Michael, it remains fresh in our memory. The race was originally run at Toowoomba, but with its closure, Capalaba (when managed by Bernie Culey) approached the family and the rest is history.

Many of the trainers who knew Michael will always nominate. Not with the expectation of winning the race but just to be part of the event as a sign of respect for a truly unique young man.

Michael Miller Memorial 

  • 2019 Edelman Tom Tzouvelis 19.94
  • 2018 Corykodi Claude Dacey 20
    2017 Bon Knocka Gerry Crisci 19.53
    2016 Leeroy Rogue Jeff Crawford 19.33
    2015 Major Jackpot Robert Cooke 19.36
    2014 Jimary Comet Robert Patching 19.71
    2013 Coochin Creek Errol Suell 19.88
    2012 Rylee's Ebony Greg Stella 19.91
    2011 Rylee's Enforcer Greg Stella 19.76
    2010 Miss Manyara Robert Patching 19.74
    2009 Mr. Metz Ron Ball 19.62
    2008 Black Framed Reg Hazelgrove 19.57
    2007 Corolla Micheal Geraghty 19.71
    2006 Mr. Quicksilver Tony Brett 19.81