Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club

Gambling Help Line
The Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club, hope that you enjoy your visit to our racing events.
We all like to have a bet, and some people may think they have a problem controlling their gambling.   This link is provided for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Gambling Help Line.
Racing Saturday Afternoons !
Trials:- Wednesday & Sunday Trials - Start at 7am.

Solo Trial: $10.00
Field 2 or more: $15.00

Non- Members:
Solo Trial: $15.00
Field 2 or more: $20.00

No more than 4 dogs in one trial.
Fees are the same both Sunday & Wednesday.

Bookings Trials:

As of the 9th august, trainers will book all trials from
Booked trials on Fridays between 9am and 10am
Phone: 3390 2772

Bookings Trials:
No booking required, but you can book online, so that we know you are coming.
SMS alerts will let you know if trials are abandoned due to weather or lure malfunction.
Commence at 7am
Finish at 9am

The club requires you to arrange a catcher before you go to the boxes to trial. There are plenty of people standing around the coffee table that will assist if asked. We need to do this to speed up the process as staff are having to catch dogs thus increasing the time between trials.

Kennelling Tickets:
All Kennelling Tickets need to be returned, No later than 2.50 P.M. on Race Day.
Book your Trails on-line
Old Cleveland Road Capalaba Queensland 4157
Phone 07 3390 2772 - Email: