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The Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club offers you a complete family day out,
relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff to make your day a winner.
What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Live Greyhound Racing
Canteen/Snack Bar
Bar Facilities
Full Tote Facilities
Televised Racing from all states
Casual, relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

2016 Greyhound Sweepstakes at EKKA
Racing Queensland is once again proud to be continuing their support for the Greyhound Sweepstakes at EKKA. Greyhound Sweepstakes was the brain child of the late Mr Ray Underwood, a passionate greyhound enthusiast, who devoted his life to promoting greyhounds.

The aim of the EKKA Sweepstakes competition is to:
Promote the versatility and suitability of both racing and retired Greyhounds.
Displays young and mature greyhounds who have found a forever home through the Greyhound Adoption Program QLD (GAP QLD), looking to start a racing career and beyond.
Display the Greyhound as the majestic, gentle animal that it is.
Educate public by showcasing the Greyhound beautiful nature.
Promote The Greyhound Adoption Program QLD
Encourage the public to ask questions and interact with our racing animals and those who have found a forever home

Greyhounds entered into this event are pups bred for the purpose of racing, current race dogs, and retired veterans of the sport.  Exhibitors are greyhound trainers and owners. No show greyhounds or dual registered are accepted for inclusion in these Sweepstakes. 2016 should see awards and prizes increased compared to previous years. The Racing Queensland Greyhound Sweepstakes is a family focused event and the Greyhound Sweepstakes planning committee encourages children and youth to participate by registering the pups for this year's event.  The committee hope to secure 100 registrations for the 2016 Racing Queensland Greyhound Sweepstakes event.

Information above taken from the Greyhound Sweepstakes website. click here

Gambling Help Line
The Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club, hope that you enjoy your visit to our racing events.
We all like to have a bet, and some people may think they have a problem controlling their gambling.   
This link is provided for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Gambling Help Line.
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