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The Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club, hope that you enjoy your visit to our racing events.
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Racing Saturday Afternoons !
Members and Patrons

No Racing this Saturday. No Racing or Trialing until further notice.

There was an electrical fault overnight that started a small fire in the kennels. We are waiting for insurance to do an assessment. We will advise when we are ready to resume Racing and Trialing. In regards to the Grand Prix Final, Racing Qld will make the decision when they have the information from the insurance assessor.

There will not be any phantom meetings as they are not financially viable.
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There has been an electrical fault in our kennel block overnight, it appears to be caused by an air conditioner that has melted . No dogs were in the kennels.

Trials were called off this morning. John Catton, Bob Patching and an Electrician will be here shortly to assess the damage. We will keep you informed regarding the this Saturday's race meeting and Sunday trials.

Qric have been informed. Some trainers still turned up this morning without a booking only to be turned away, highlights the importance of booking through "On The Clock" so we can inform you that trials were cancelled.

Once a professional assessment has been made of the damage we will be able to inform you as to when we will return to racing and trialing.