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Monday 18th December 2017

Today on our last day of racing for 2017 the committee wish to acknowledge the volunteers and contributors who efforts have played a major role in the financial turn around of our club. Without these people you would have no club. I urge you to join us in thanking them for their efforts and their contributions. The trial volunteers alone save this club in the vicinity of $30,000 a year in wages for Sunday trials and $20,000 on Wednesday trials.

Wayne (Harris) and Trevor (McSherry) at work on Sunday trials. These two fellows are very generous with their time. Neither have greyhounds. Wayne used to train but now restricts his involvement with the industry to working Sundays at the trails. He is tireless and reliable. Trevor as been coming to the club for many years as a punter. He has been a committee member when Bernie Culey was manager and a sponsor when he owned Ahoy Seafoods. He is generous with his time and his support over the last 12 months has been invaluable

Warren Scanella and Don Brown. Everyone knows Warren who volunteers at the club every Wednesday. He no longer trains digs but is giving his time so that other trainers can gallop their dogs.He is also our back up man making himself readily available to work when ever we have short staff because of emergencies. In the future Warren intends to move interstate we wish him well and take this opportunity to publicly thank him. He will be hard to replace.

Don is the State Member for Capalaba re-elected in the recent election. Don is not only a sponsor of the Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club he is also working closely with the club in an effort to get us TAB and SKY coverage. He has made representations to Queensland Racing Minister and Racing Queensland on behalf of the club. He has made himself readily available when ever John or I contact him. He has made himself available to judge Fashion on The Fields on Melbourne Cup Day, a job nobody else was game to take on. He played a major role in obtaining financial grants for the club which will go a long way to securing our future.

Cliff Houston is a man of many talents including lure driving and cooking. He freely gives of his time every Wednesday to take on the nightmare traffic on the Gateway in order that we may provide a trialling service for trainers. On some occasions he returns home just in time to pick up his race dogs and head off back down the highway to race at Albion Park. Like Warren he is always available to assist the club particularly when Nigel takes off to New Zealand for a holiday. Cliff spent his Melbourne Cup Day working the BBQ for the club so that members and patrons could enjoy their day.

Nigel Rugg is the backbone of our track maintence. The only wage he receives from the club is a small payment on race days. He drives on Sundays as well as working with Benny on Thursday and Friday to ensure our race meetings are properly prepared and trainers have a safe surface for racing. The track is testament to the efforts of Nigel and his team this year. His is very focused on assisting the club in what ever way he can.

Beryl Green has been in dogs longer than most. Because she is unable to assist the club in a voluntary capacity she does it in other ways. She provides all the rugs for our major races at her own cost. She refuses to accept payment. She makes my job easier because she examines the program and ensures that the rugs are at the club on time for the presentations. On the occasions that I have dropped the ball in this department Beryl has been there to rectify my oversights. She nominates every meeting to assist with fileds even though Nosmo King hasn’t placed in a while both of them enjoy their day at Capalaba. Beryl is always first to buy her raffle tickets. She is generous and selfless and is one of the few who have thanked me and the committee for our efforts.

Noela Fertch is another member who assists the club in the best way she can. She offers her assistance without the need to be asked. She has donated prizes for raffles over the past year and races at the club as often as she can. She is also one of the first to support the club raffle. The Xmas raffle today has been donated to the club by Noela.

Rick and Di O’Donnell have been associated with the club back to when Bernie Culey was manager. Di provides our website and keeps it up to date free of charge. She has also assisted by providing me with a data base of membership something I did not have the time to do myself. Rick is our photographer but he is more than that. He provides all his photos to the club for use on facebook and the race book. Any photo you see in our race book is the work of Rick. His photos are spectacular and the club uses them to help promote the club and greyhound racing. Now that we have added photos of our racers in retirement Rick is helping promote the truth about our dogs in retirement. Ironically, I could not find any photos of Di to put in the book. Over to you Rick to fix that.

Barry Gauci and Neil Catchpole are former committee members who recently have taken a back seat after dedicating about 7 years to the club. However, the committee knows that when the need arises they can be counted on to assist in what ever way they can. Barry is ever present at the club during those times when we are threatened by flood, assisting with preparations and allowing us to store equipment at his place above flood level. He spent Melbourne Cup day selling drink t
ickets and provided sandwiches for staff. Neil has taken advantage of the his break from the club to concentrate on training which he was unable to do as a committee member. He is having success as a trainer but always offers to assist in any way on the days he is racing at the club whether it be with the raffle or sweeps on Melborne Cup Day. He also makes himself available should we need him on trial days.

Marilyn Collett hs been associated with Capalaba or the best part of 30 years. She is a long serving committee member and the first to volunteer when she is able. She attends every AGM and despite her recent ill health was on hand Melbourne Cup Day to assist Barry selling tickets. In the years following Bernie Culey’s retirement it was Marilyn working behind the scenes that ensured that the club survived so that we could be a racing entity today.

Cynthia Suttle is another who has been in dogs longer than most. She is passionate about the industry and when she puts her hand up to help she honours it with action. She supports the club with her nominations and often is one of the last to leave on race days supporting the club financially whilst having a few drinks and bets. On Melbourne Cup Day she put together the raffle, donated to the prizes and sold all tickets allowing the club to make a substantial profit.

Nigel will start work on the track straight after today’s meeting. Hancey’s will comence work on Monday and plan to be finished on Wednesday. If the weather favours us we should be able to start trialling in a fortnight. Once we are confident that the work has taken we will be advising trainers on the website and facebook about trialing arrangements

The committee wishes to thank all the members, patrons and staff for their input during the year and ensure them we will be back in 2018. We expect to be on SKY and TAB.

I would like to thank the committee for the trust they have placed in me over the past 9 months. Merry Xmas to all and  the best for the New Year.

Bob Patching
9th December 2017

Xmas Hams
Remember to nominate next week in order to give yourself a chance of winning a ham. A draw will be done by Bunny Brasch as the dogs go to the boxes and the dog filling that position will win a ham. In the interest of spreading the goodwill once a trainer has won a ham they will not be eligible to win again so will be excluded from remaining draws.

Last trial day will be Wednesday 13 December. Work will commence on the track Sunday morning 17th December at first light. Hancey's will be starting their part of the work on Monday morning and depending on weather expect to be completed by 20th December. All going well we may be trialling again n the second week of January. However, as we have a full season of racing ahead of us we will not be taking any unnecessary risks. I have sent a request to Racing Queensland asking for a return date of 20th January. That is only a tentative date.
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