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The Capalaba Greyhound Club was established in 1947 as "The Capalaba Coursing Club Proprietary Limited".  Proprietary racing was allowed by the Government of that time.

The venue was in the vicinity of the Club's present location but closer to where the Capalaba Tavern presently stands.  The ground was owned by a Mr John Fredericks and leased to the Club. The park in which the present Club's facilities are situated, is known as John Frederick's Park.

The track was a "straight" with all the races conducted over 290 yards. There were 12 dogs in a race with both hurdle and flat racing. 

Handicapping was the order of the day with staggered starting boxes.  The boxes incorporated a series of ropes coming together at one central point where a lever was pulled to allow all the boxes to open together.

Capalaba Coursing Club was registered under the rules of  "The National Coursing Association of Queensland"  and raced every Monday. There was a 5/- nomination fee and 5/- acceptance fee.

First prizemoney was 5 pounds.  The first race was won by a greyhound named "Lucky Ring" and trained by Frank Fielder.

In 1950 a breakaway group of owners and trainers obtained a licence to build another track.  The licence was in the name of   "The Returned Servicemen's League" and the organisation was known as "The Incapacitated and Wounded Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen's Association".

Obviously all profits would have gone to the local R.S.L. to assist, specifically, this group of servicemen recently returned from the Second World War.  This track was built where Smith Street (off Redland Bay Road) is today.  It was also a "straight" and ran parallel with Redland Bay Road.  The "Soldiers Club" as it was called was registered under the rules of  "The Queensland Greyhound Association" and raced every Saturday and Tuesday.  Each track had up to 25 Bookmakers covering the respective meetings.

As there was a Government ruling at the time that no mechanical means should be utilized as a lure for the dogs to chase, live hares were trained for this purpose.

The hare was given 200 yards start and if it stopped before reaching the escape-pen, youngsters with cans were employed to make enough noise to get the hare moving again.  Another means was to ride a horse parallel with the track to chase the hare along.

In 1952 the Soldiers track closed, as there were not enough greyhounds to service both venues.  However, the track did become famous for being the first of any of three codes of racing in Queensland, to utilize the photo-finish system.

It was around the time that the live hares were discontinued and the fields reduced to 10 runners.  As the Government ruling on the use of mechanical lures was still in place, a new system was introduced.  This involved a horse pulling a rope, which at one end attached to an artificial hare at the other end attached to a car tyre around the rider's waist.  The rope was pulled around a pole situated in the escape area and the horse ridden off at a 45 degree angle allowing the rider to control the speed of the lure.

In the mid-fifties, mechanical means were finally allowed and the old system was modified to include the electric motor as in use today.

In 1987 the track was moved to its present site closer to Tingalpa Creek.  All the great Queensland Greyhounds and many from the southern states have raced at Capalaba over the years. 

Our Track Record holder, "Leeroy Rogue", has the distinction of being the fastest greyhound over the measured distance anywhere in the world.  In running 19.22 seconds over 366 metres at Capalaba on 28th January 2006, he recorded 68.55 kilometres per hour.

No other greyhound in history has attained this speed,  officially, over a measured distance.
Our current Track Record Holder is
Leeroy Rogue
track record time at 366m
This is equilivant to 68.55 kph or 19.04m per second
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