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The Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club offers you a complete family day out,
relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff to make your day a winner.
What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Live Greyhound Racing
Canteen/Snack Bar
Bar Facilities
Full Tote Facilities
Televised Racing from all states
Casual, relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Message from the Acting Manager
We wish Billy Harris all the best for his birthday tomorrow. Bill and his family have been stalwarts of the industry for many years. His mother Molly Campbell is remember each year with a race at Albion Park which I had the honour of winning with Woops A Daisy in 2003 in partnership with  Ned and Lyn Snow. Bill's brother Col is remembered each year with a race at Ipswich over the 630m. As a novice punter in the early 70s you couldn't survive without  the form guide their family produced. It was an exceptional publication. I spent many lunch hours driving to their Woollangabba premises followed by afternoons doing the form when I should have been working. Luckily my boss was a punter and I could tip him a winner. Bill has not enjoyed the best of health lately but he is defying all predictions and continues to enjoy his racing. Happy birthday Bill.

If you require a trail on Sunday you need to either book on line or on the phone. I will always endeavour to give trainers a trial but if you have no booking but you will be required to wait until there is a vacancy as trainers that book will be given preference. The more trials you require obviously the harder it is for us to accommodate you if you don't have a booking. One trainer recently left without trialling because he wanted 3 solos and was not prepared to wait.

Now that the online booking service is available all trainers should go on line and set up an account once that is done you can book trials at any time from Thursday morning till late Saturday night.

SKY/TAB Below is an extract from an email sent to all clubs by Wojtek Wysocki RQ 's Project Manager for their capital works program.

DVN Link
Telstra is currently scoping and pricing the works required for the Clubs that are due to have a DVN Link. There is at least a 3 month scheduling period with Telstra for the works to commence after the agreement of the scope of works. We anticipate having the DVN links completed by May 2018.
Message from Acting Manager

We have received the financials for 2016/2017 from GJ Walsh Accountants this week. I was able to send these to members via email on Friday. Copies are available for all members at the bar.

The overall view of the club's trading position for 2016/17 was a loss of $73,363.18. $35,480.65 of this was a write off as a bad debt of the claim made on Racing Queensland for flood relief.

This leaves us with an actual loss of $37,882.53. The majority of this can be explained by the reduction in bookmaker subsidy of $22,909.09. There was also a reduction in bar sales due mainly to Racing Queensland running a meeting with no bar etc on Cox Plate day our second biggest day after Melbourne Cup. Bar takings on Melbourne Cup day were down approximately $6,000 on the previous year due to the fact that Racing Queensland did not give permission for the club to operate until three days before.

Legal costs were $3,500 which was a small portion of the actual bill of $10,000 thanks to the generosity of Tim Fuller Special Counsel. Another $1600 was spent on a Human Resources Consultant to handle a Worker's Compensation claim.

Interest payments to ATO, Redlands Council and Work Cover accounted for $1110.65.

Despite our restricted cash flow the club was still able to allocated $6807.51 prizemoney additional to what was allocated by Racing Queensland, an increase of $1407.51 on the previous year.

All in all it is a good result considering the obstacles that confronted us in the last 12 months. Despite this I believe we are on the threshold of a new beginning. Regular meetings have been conducted with Racing Queensland with regard to our infrastructure grant of $181,000. The air conditioning upgrade will probably be the first project to be completed. There are minor issues with the water bore that need to be resolved. The fence between the club and the football field is an issue as Council require it to be built on our lease. This creates problems with a view to the future and SKY coverage. However, at a meeting with council on Thursday I have requested a meeting between all 3 parties in an effort to get permission to build the fence on the football club's lease.

Since February the committee has put in place a number of initiatives that have seen a turned around which should continue. The net result of our operations since February has seen a profit of approximately $30,000. There are more initiatives planned for the future to improve our financial position. If we use Ipswich as a guide they receive approximately $270,000 per annum from corporate bookmakers on an average of 3 meetings a week. The inclusion of our club on SKY based on those figures would see an income from corporate bookmakers of approximately $90,000 per annum.

Clearly, that is where the future of the club lies.
This is a reminder that Capalaba is not taking scratching for race meeting.
All scratching are to be phoned through to Stewards before the deadline time of 8.30am, on Saturday morning as you would any other race meeting.
The Club is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays
As of the 9th august, trainers will book all trials from www.ontheclock.com.au
If you are bringing a reserve to trial on Race Day, you need to ring and book a kennel especially if there are 9 races.
The stewards and club need the information to ensure we have enough kennels to cater for reserve dogs.
Please ring the office after scratchings are declared if you to book a kennel.
The club is looking for sponsors for this year if you can help the club in anyway please contact the club for a personalised package to suit your budgets. All local businesses in the Capalaba and Redlands are most welcome.
Racing Queensland advises stakeholders of amendments to the Abandoned Race Meetings Policy.

The Policy was updated to recognise the fact that many trainers travel more than two (2) hours to a race meeting.

Therefore, no compensation will be forthcoming if race meeting is abandoned:
more than two (2) hours before kennelling at Ipswich and Brisbane
more than three (3) hours before kennelling at Bundaberg
more than five (5) hours before kennelling at Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns
Where applicable Non-TAB meetings abandoned without rebate are to be re-scheduled.

Stakeholders will receive compensation if the race meeting is abandoned after the times listed above.

The full policy can be read at the web address below:

For more information, please contact Racing Queensland on 3869 9407.

Gambling Help Line
The Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club, hope that you enjoy your visit to our racing events.
We all like to have a bet, and some people may think they have a problem controlling their gambling.   
This link is provided for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Gambling Help Line.
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